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Public Relations Department Overview

Throughout the years, the Public Relations Department has distinguished itself by winning many state, national, and international awards for their numerous educational video productions.

In August of 2010, the United ISD Board of Trustees unanimously voted to build a state-of-the-art facility in the amount of $969,500.00 to house the new Public Relations Department. The San Antonio based architecture firm of Kell Munoz was hired to design the facility. The Leyendecker Construction Company completed the demolition and construction project in just over six months.

The beautiful state-of-the art Public Relations complex located at Herrera Middle School, comprises 6,250 square feet. The facility includes: a lobby, offices, editing room, master control, audio room, prop and storage rooms, conference/break room, and a 30 by 60 foot television studio.

The studio’s lighting system was designed by the Texas Scenic Company from San Antonio. The studio is also equipped with a three timer curtain system, which allows for a variety of backgrounds, including chroma key.

The television studio is large enough to house three permanent sets where the Public Relations Department produces their award winning United ISD Newscast and Knowledge for College academic game show. The studio also contains a 30 foot green screen.

The Public Relations Department produces a unique and diverse variety of informational, educational, and promotional English and Spanish videos which include: training videos, Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for both television and radio, music videos, recruitment videos, district newscasts, academic game shows, interviews, and special videos to promote schools, departments, and various district programs. In addition, the department also records all board meetings, graduations, concerts, sports, and special events.

The Public Relations Department includes eight talented staff members including a director, Public Relations specialist, five photographer/editors, and a secretary. All staff members had previous media experience before their employment with United ISD. The employees’ combined years of experience equals 215 years! 

Public Relations Department videos can be viewed on the UISD and Public Relations (ITV) YouTube channels.
Over the years, the Public Relations Department has won numerous state, national, and international awards which include: Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA), National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA), Telly Awards, Communicator Awards, MARCOM Awards, AVA Awards, and Videographer Awards. The department has also received three EMMY nominations.

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