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McKinney Vento Social Services

Vanessa Reyner

Vanessa Reyner

Wraparound Specialist/Social Worker

(956) 473-6117



Social Services Resources

Social Services Resources



Connecting McKinney-Vento students and families to non academic supports needed to improve the well-being and academic achievement of all students. Ensuring every McKinney Vento student receives services related to a person’s academic, social, and emotional impact by providing a partnership with family, school and community resources.

Services Provided

  • Collaborate with families, school staff, community agencies to support McKinney Vento students to improve academic achievement and social, emotional and behavioral wellbeing

  • Parent Education & Support

  • Connecting families with resources for  Food, Shelter & Medical Assistance

  • Advocate for equitable educational opportunities

  • Refer students & families to appropriate community agencies and services in the community.

  • Crisis Intervention with concerns related to the personal health, safety, and/or school/family concerns

  • Support in educational, social, and personal development by building positive relationships with families, school staff and service providers.

Contact Us
For more information on additional community agencies and other services available, please call (956) 473-6117.

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McKinney Vento Social Services

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