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Migrant Services Coordination

This area of focus is required at all grade levels both in and out of school. These aspects include the planning and carrying out of programs and projects in coordination with other local, state and federal programs in the District in order to provide the migrant children a full range of appropriate services.  Locally, the MEP has strong working relationships with Title 1, Part A, Bilingual, Special Education, Career and Technology programs as well as with Region 1 and the University of Texas at Pan Am, soon to be RGV. The High School Equivalency Program/HEP and the CAMP/Campus Assistance Migrant Program at UT helps migrant students enter college or for those who have dropped out, to get a GED through the HEP program. Additionally, United ISD MEP also coordinates with the UT Distance Learning Center in Austin to help migrant students with credit recovery or acceleration of credits in high school. Finally, United ISD works with the Texas Migrant Interstate Program/TMIP to coordinate test taking as well as academic assistance for migrants when in other states. By coordinating with other programs, United ISD ensures that the needs of migrant children are met through a variety of sources in a way that leverages other program funds and optimizes the use of MEP funds for the unique needs of migrant children.

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